Doctor Psychiatrist

In the network of “Galchenko clinic” medical centers, medical consultation of a psychiatrist is conducted by:

Belogolovsky Igor Vladimirovich

Doctor psychiatrist-narcologist of the highest category, head of psycho-neurological department, doctor of medical sciences

 +380 67 505-81-80


Zaika Vyacheslav Alexandrovich

The doctor-narcologist of the highest category,

15-year experience of work,

6 of which in narcological resuscitation

 +380 96 0000-911



The availability of certain healthcare specialists of particular specialties in the clinic depends on their individual schedule, so a preliminary appointment to a specialist is required.

Please, make an appointment by one of the telephone numbers: +380 (44) 209-9-209, +380 (44) 539-0-539, +380 (44) 360-61-41