In the network of “Galchenko clinic” medical centers, medical consultation of a neurologist is conducted by:

Milov Alexander Petrovich

Doctor of medical sciences, professor, doctor of the highest category

Sokol Alena Vladimirovna

Secondary neurologist, second category

List of services

List of services of the neurologist in the network of «Galchenko Clinic» medical centers:»:

  • Migraine;
  • Neuralgia;
  • Neuroses;
  • Radiculitis;
  • Osteochondrosis;
  • Vegeto-vascular dystonia;
  • Neuralgia of the trigeminal nerve.
  • Soreness in the chest
  • Headache attacks
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Poor concentration and concentration of attention
  • Blood pressure fluctuations
  • Chronic overfatigue and overexertion
  • Fast fatigue even from small loads
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • The inability to stay in stuffy rooms
  • Bad mood and nervousness
  • Sleep and quality disorders;
  • Anxiety and fears
  • Fainting and dizziness;
  • Breaking the sweat glands


The availability of certain healthcare specialists of particular specialties in the clinic depends on their individual schedule, so a preliminary appointment to a specialist is required.

Please, make an appointment by one of the telephone numbers: +380 (44) 209-9-209, +380 (44) 539-0-539, +380 (44) 360-61-41