In the network of "Galchenko clinic" medical centers medical consultation is conducted by

  Andrey A. Anpleev

   The doctor is a psychiatrist-narcologist of the highest category.

  Work experience - 25 years.

  Andrei Borisovich thoroughly understands the intricacies of each situation,

  finds solutions, consults and develops an individual treatment regimen.

  (096) 88-99-911

  (044) 22-28-911


     We have a center for treatment of alcohol dependence     

The center of alcohol dependence treatment is located in the «Modern Medicine» clinic located at: 16 Obolonsksy Avenue. ​ We will answer all your questions daily from 9:00 to 21:00 by phone numbers: ​ +380 44 22-28-911 +380 96 88-99-911 ​ Our specialists provide help with alcohol intoxication, bringing out from drinking-bout, carry out fixing therapy (a wide range of options of «coding» against alcohol dependence), and also help in the treatment of a drinker without his/her knowledge.

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