Laboratory diagnostics

This is one of the main components of medicine. Laboratory research accompanies all of us during the whole life

This is one of the main components of medicine. Laboratory research accompanies all of us during the whole life

Newborns come into life with tests taken in the hospital on possible hereditary diseases or for diagnosis of immunity.

Schoolchildren are made tests to prevent infectious diseases or control the effectiveness of vaccinations (diphtheria, hepatitis B).

Older people have tests done when they are in the process of job placement, to monitor their health, in case of symptoms of the disease - for diagnosis of diseases, effectiveness of treatment and prevention of possible complications.

Conducted research

You can take tests at any time convenient to you (including at home), without an appointment (except Sundays), and the administrator will explain how to prepare for the delivery of a particular test



The availability of certain healthcare specialists of particular specialties in the clinic depends on their individual schedule, so a preliminary appointment to a specialist is required.

Please, make an appointment by one of the telephone numbers: +380 (44) 209-9-209, +380 (44) 539-0-539, +380 (44) 360-61-41