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Dear Customers, the network of Medical Centers «Galchenko clinic» for your convenience and time saving also offers insurance policies, namely:

  ompulsory/(obligatory, leagally required) insurance of motor third-party liability
  ompulsory/(obligatory, leagally required) insurance of motor third-party liability +
  Civil liability insurance of the owners of the weapon

Types of insurance

Autocotizen i is one of the obligatory types of insurance in Ukraine. Therefore, it is important to choose an insurance company that will help you resolve all issues related to an accident and give confidence in your choice of auto-attendant.

Our OSAGO policy has been recognized by MTBU as one of the best in terms of quality of settlement and low level of complaints by drivers.

This means that in case of your fault in an accident, we will be able to pay the damaged participants quickly and fully:

  • up to 50 000 UAH for the damage caused to their property
  • up to 100 000 UAH for the damage caused to their life and health Your liability will be assessed only in the amount of 510 UAH

How much does a car insurance policy cost?

Find out the cost of a motorcade from our representative at the Medical Center «Galchenko clinic» at the number: +380 44 539-0-539 and +380 44 209-9-209, the price of the autographer from IC «Universalna» is available. To calculate autotraveler, as well as to order a policy with free shipping, you can in the online store

And if the payment is not enough to compensate?

We recommend that you already foresee similar situations and increase the payment limit for UAH 500,000 to UAH 100,000 with the help of the Avtograzhdanka +

Who will compensate for the cost of repairing your car?

We are ready to reimburse you, in case of your fault in the accident. You only need to get a «Express KASKO» policy. Cost from 750 UAH without restrictions on the age of the car. Win 100 liters of fuel Beneficial offers are a complete KASKO Network of certified service stations

Increase the limit to 100 000 UAH!

Not always 50000 UAH can cover losses for the repair of someone else’s car. That is why we recommend that you add a new maximum amount of payment to the policy of OSAGO from 10 000 to 100 000 UAH.

The policy of «Autocitizen +» can be purchased in addition to the policy of OSAGO, which easily increases the limits of payments and your confidence.

Territory of action — Ukraine.

Validity period is 1 year.

Types of vehicles — cars.

Settlement of insured events is carried out in a similar manner and in parallel with settlement under the MTPL policy.

CASCO insurance is not a waste of money. On the contrary, many drivers who have become participants in an accident on their own or someone else's fault understand the benefits and saving money. After all, very often repairing a car after an accident is much more expensive than paying a policy. So why pay out of your own pocket? IC "Universalna" is ready to guarantee you compensation for financial losses in the event of an insured event.

Check our CASCO prices and order a reliable and affordable insurance policy for your car on our website.

How to find out the CASCO cost?

How to find out the cost of CASCO?

You can calculate CASCO online at the site of IC "Universalna". For your convenience and time saving, we have developed a very easy to use CASCO calculator.

How to order insurance policy?

To calculate the CASCO you only need to specify some characteristics of your car and choose comfortable for you insurance conditions. Thus, you can determine for yourself the appropriate CASCO price and choose the most convenient insurance conditions.

How to order a policy?

For registration you can come to the medical centers "Medical certificates" or call and sign up by phone:

+380 44 209-9-209

+380 44 539-0-539

The insurance of civil liability of the owners of weapons is a mandatory procedure that is carried out in accordance with the established procedure and rules of compulsory civil liability insurance for Ukrainian, legitimately possess weapons, for harm that may cause in the future a third person or his possession as a result of use (storage, possession) of this weapon. These rules and procedures are approved by the Cabinet of Ministers on June 29, 2002 No. 402.  402.

Do you have firearms?

The insurance contract is necessary for storage, possession or use:

1) to citizens of Ukraine:

  • combat, rifled, firearms of an army model;
  • weapons manufactured by special order;
  • idle and educational weapons; small arms;
  • hunting, rifled, firearms (carbines, combined rifles, small-caliber rifles, etc.);
  • weapons of hunting smooth-bore gunshot; sports firearms (pistols, rifles, revolvers, rifles for sports purposes, etc.);
  • weapons of hunting smooth-bore gunshot; cold weapons (hunting knives, crossbows, bows, swords, scimitar swords, Finnish knives, daggers, bayonet knives, daggers, bayonets);
  • pneumatic weapons.

2) Citizens legally storing and using guns owned by legal entities (except military, serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other formations, employees of law enforcement agencies, courts, prosecutors and other law enforcement agencies performing official duties).

In what cases is insurance required?

The contract of compulsory liability insurance is compulsory in cases when you register, re-register, obtain a permit to own the firearms.

What is the subject to insurance?

Insurance should be subject to property interests, comply with the Law and related to compensation for the harm caused to life, property, health of individuals or legal entities due to the possession, use or storage of weapons.

How to apply for insurance?

For registration you can come to the medical centers «Galchenko clinic» or call and sign up by phone:

+380 44 209-9-209 +380 44 539-0-539 +380 44 360-61-41

Addresses of medical centers:

Kyiv, st. People’s Militia 2, (Sevastopol Square)

Kyiv, st. Shumsky 4a (Bereznyaki)

Kiev, Koltsov Boulevard, 13 (Borshchagovka)

If you still have questions, we are readily available to you at any time.

Contact us at +380 (44) 209-9-209 or ask a question through the feedback form and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible