Form 086/o - for applicants

Any educational institution takes care for the health of students and professional staff. That is why when applying for admission, a medical certificate of form 086 is required from each applicant. This document is mandatory today. Almost any admission committee requires the above certificate at the time of admission documents submission.

The presented document confirms absence of current diseases and demonstrates availability of all necessary vaccinations. It contains conclusions of physicians that will be reflected in the 086 certificate. In addition, the results of all test results will be attached to it..

Prompt receipt of certificate in 1 day

No tedious queues and long waiting to receive a certificate

An absolutely legal receipt of the certificate

You do not risk anything, we have all the necessary permits for issuing certificates

A wide network of medical centers throughout Ukraine

Prompt receipt of the certificate is possible in almost any major city of Ukraine

With the traditional approach to this issue, the whole process of visiting physicians and making tests can be delayed for several days, or even weeks. That is why many people who urgently need the medical certificate 086, approach us. As our center offers efficiency and competence!

To get this form in a common medical institution, you need to wait in many queues and overcome all the bureaucratic difficulties inherent in traditional medicine. It also does not make sense to receive it long before entering or employment, because this document has a validity period. As a result, we are in a vicious circle.

You can solve this problem having taken advantage of our services. The «Medical Certificates» Center is an easy way to get all the required medical documents quickly, including form 086. If you are tired from queues and limited hours of physicians’ work, forget about the polyclinic located nearby! Contact us — we are always happy to help!

When you need the certificate:

  when entering the university;
  during job placement at a state enterprise;
  when being appointed for the position of a cook or a hairdresser.

What physicians are required to be passed

   several other physicians.

This certificate confirms the following

This certificate confirms the following It necessarily contains information about vaccinations against poliomyelitis, hepatitis B and rubella, as well as ADSM (diphtheria and tetanus), BCG (tuberculosis), HPV (mumps), ZHKO (measles), Mantoux test and fluroography.

If you still have questions, we are readily available to you at any time.

Contact us at +380 (44) 209-9-209 or ask a question through the feedback form and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible