Medical certificate 083 - for drivers

Medical certificate 083 is an important document, without which driving vehicles it impossible. This certificate shall be submitted to the State Automobile Inspection upon receipt of a driver’s license.

And, there is no difference whether you have your license registered for the first time or restore a lost document, in any case you need a medical certificate of the above form. Also it is required when any changes are made in the certificate (for example, if you change your surname). The driver’s medical certificate shall be mandatory in the case of an accident and during a maintenance inspection.

Prompt receipt of certificate in 1 day

No tedious queues and long waiting to receive a certificate

No tedious queues and long waiting to receive a certificate

An absolutely legal receipt of the certificate

A wide network of medical centers throughout Ukraine

Prompt receipt of the certificate is possible in almost any major city of Ukraine

As for today, the document can be issued not only in a public institution, but also in a private one. The main thing is that the latter should have all the licenses necessary for this kind of activity. It stands to mention that the driver’s medical certificate can be provided not only to Ukrainians, but also to non-residents. The only condition is the passport registration in Ukraine.

Execution of the 083 certificate in a public clinic may be fraught with a number of difficulties. Long queues, boorish staff, limited hours of physicians’ consultation — this is only a part of what you will have to face at a local polyclinic. Therefore, if you value your time and nerves, you had better come to our medical center.

You must also pass the ECG (electrocardiogram), as well as have your eyesight test done and the examination of vestibular apparatus. It should be noted that drivers who are engaged in cargo transportation or regular transportation of passengers are required to undergo such a medical commission every year. At the same time, terms of examination depend on the current legislation.

Why do I need medical certificate?

  certificate is damaged or lost;
  technical maintenance is planned;
  vehicle became a road accident participant;
  re-issuance of the identity card due to a change of surname or other data.

Required documents

  two photos of 3x4;
  certificate of a psychiatrist;
  certificate of a narcologist.

What tests need to be delivered?

  general blood analysis;
  standard urinalysis;
  blood test for glucose;
  blood test for determination of the group and Rh factor.

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